Who to Call for Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Clifton Park, NY

At McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home,we believe in offering the highest quality of care for every familythat contacts our company. We have been serving residents in CliftonPark, NY for many years. During this time, we’ve optimized thefuneral planning process and worked to improve the results that areavailable for your family. Whether you want a traditional funeral oryou prefer direct cremations, we are here to assist.

Custom funeral services always offer amemorable, unique experience for family and friends in attendance.So, our funeral home team will listen to the requests of your familyand help with the details that need to be addressed on the day of thefuneral. In addition to basic funeral services, we also offer supportfor pre-planning and post-funeral grief resources.

When Do You Need Funeral Services?

Are you dealing with an unexpected lossof someone that you love? Immediate need funerals can be stressfuland sorrowful. It can be hard to decide on the details of the daywhen you are trying to process the loss and grief at the same time.If you encounter a situation where immediate funeral services arerequired, then we encourage you to call as soon as possible. Our teamat McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home will step in to provide theguidance that will move your family in the right direction.

We have a beautiful facility that canbe used for your immediate funeral needs. When you call, we will cometo your location to transport the body back to our location. Then, wecan work together to design a funeral or memorial that will supportthe needs of your family.

There are also times when pre-planningis preferred. You don’t need to wait until the funeral is scheduledbefore working through the details of the day. Many people havespecific preferences they want to include in their funeral or event.If you want to minimize the expenses of the funeral, then you need todiscuss pre-planning options.

What is the Best Funeral Plan forYour Family?

Discuss the services that are providedby our funeral home, and you will see that there are many options tohelp you create a perfect funeral plan. You have full freedom tochoose the location and time of the event, as well as the program,final resting place, and more.

We are a full-service funeral home,which means that we will handle all of the details that are required.You will be involved in making the decisions. Then, leaving the hardwork for our team to address. We always look for options to supportyour family so that you can stay focused on the people who will be inattendance at the event.

A traditional funeral plan mightinclude services in our funeral home or at a church. Often, the eventstarts with a visitation or viewing, but this portion of the serviceis optional. You can also choose to have a graveside service if youprefer. Cremation is another choice that should be considered if youare looking for ways to reduce the expenses and simplify the plan.

We understand the cremations aren’tright for every family. So, we always respect your requests for theway the body is laid to rest. Cremations can be paired with amemorial or cemetery burial if you desire. Or you can choose a directcremation without the extra services if you want to keep it simple.

Respect and Honor for Your Loved One

It is important to remember that thefuneral is the last opportunity that you will have to show your honorand respect for a loved one. So, you need to plan a day thatshowcases the person’s achievements and life experiences. We willhelp you customize the event in any way that matches the desires ofthe deceased and the needs of your family.

Sometimes,honoring the life of a loved one means that you include specifictraditions or religious ceremonies. Other times, this respect isshown with alternative funeral services, such as cremation pairedwith a Celebration of Life. If you know the wishes of the deceased,then you can show the most respect by honoring their desires.

At McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home,we provide the quality funeral services that you need. You will seethat these services can always be catered to match your preferences.So, we invite you to schedule a consultation so that you can designthe perfect event for your family.

Our funeral home near Clifton Park, NYoffers full funeral services as well as cremations. If you need thissupport, then you can call McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home. Visitour location to see the facilities that can be used for your event: 8109th St., Troy, NY. 12182. Or call if you have questions: (518)235-1722

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