Quality and Caring Funeral Home and Cremations Services in Cohoes, NY

If you are saying goodbye to someonethat you love, then you need to have the support that comes from anexperienced funeral home. At McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home, weunderstand the challenges that you are facing when planning afuneral. Not only do you need to make decisions about the event, butthere is a lot of paperwork and logistics that need to be addressed.We invite you to contact our team to learn about the ways we can planyour funeral services in Cohoes, NY.

Our funeral home has been supportingresidents in the area for many years. With 150 years of combinedexperience, we have found the best funeral plans to eliminate yourstress and improve the results. We are always focused on a commitmentto our customers. So, you can rest assured to know that our team isavailable at all times to answer your questions and support withanything that you need.

We believe that quality funeralservices should include the details before, during, and after theevent. You can lean on our expertise to create a cremation or funeralthat shares your love for the person with respect and dignity.

Personal and Professional Servicesin the Funeral Industry

There isn’t a cookie-cutter plan thatshould be used for every funeral. We have found that families oftenhave unique requests for the location and program. We will listen toyour needs and help you choose the details that align with yourpreferences.

This customization is done in amanageable way. Instead of overwhelming you with too many questionsand options, we will work through a series of details that willdetermine the overall plan to match the requests of your family. Wefilter through the logistics for the event, while eliminatinginquiries that aren’t applicable to your situation.

Our team will work with your family tocreate a day that will honor the life of your loved one. We workbehind the scenes to attend to every detail that needs to beaddressed before, during, and after the event. In addition toproviding the requested services, we also anticipate the needs ofyour family to provide a positive experience.

Funeral Planning to Match theTraditions of Your Family

Do you have specific traditions ordesires that should be added to the funeral plan? Share theserequests with our team so that we can be sure to provide thefacilities and resources that are necessary. We always work hard toaccommodate family traditions or religious ceremonies as needed.

These funeral services can be held atour funeral home if you want to use the facilities that we provide.Or, you can schedule the memorial or funeral in a church, eventcenter, or outdoor location if preferred. Our staff is available tofacilitate off-site funerals so that you can focus on the events ofthe day.

Quality Funeral Facilities

We are always striving to exceedcustomer expectations by offering the best funeral facilities in thearea. You can inquire about our services and visit our location toview the rooms that are available. The funeral home is designed toaccommodate both small and large groups, giving you the flexibilityto create a funeral that matches the needs of your family.

The building has facilities for everytype of event that you request. Visitation rooms are perfect forsmall gatherings, with larger areas available in the chapel andreception facilities. You can also visit our coffee lounge if youneed a moment to catch your breath during the busy day. You will seethat we use the highest standards to ensure that all of the equipmentis maintained to exceed industry requirements.

Additionally, the location has beenredecorated and renovated to provide a comfortable, supportivelocation for the funeral. We have expanded parking areas and aconvenient location for everyone who will be attending.

Creating the Perfect Funeral Plan

As you are working with our team todesign a funeral plan, you need to look at options to customize theservice. For example, would you rather have a cremation instead of acasket burial? We provide full cremation services, which can bepaired with a funeral or memorial. You can also include otherservices, such as visitation, cemetery burial, a Celebration of Life,embalming, and more. It’s up to you to choose the details of theday that will create a memorable event for your family. Theseservices are available if you have an immediate need for funeralplanning. We can also support your requests for funeral pre-planningif desired.

When you need funeral services inCohoes, NY, then you should call McLoughlin and Mason Funeral Home.Visit our location to learn more: 8 109th St., Troy, NY. 12182. Or,call if you need immediate funeral services or would like to schedulean appointment for pre-planning: (518) 235-1722

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