Custom, Caring Funeral Home and Cremations in Waterford, NY

Are you facing the difficult assignmentto plan a funeral in Waterford, NY? Then you need to enlist the helpof the experienced funeral home directors here at McLoughlin andMason Funeral Home. We understand the challenges that you are facingwhen designing a memorial, funeral, or cremation. So, our team isalways here to address your requests and ensure a custom plan forevery family.

Whether you want direct cremations orthe full-service funeral solutions, we are here to assist. We havebeen serving the local community for more than 150 years combined.You will love the personal services that you receive when workingwith our family-owned business. We strive to provide more than basicfuneral services. Our team is always working to anticipate your needsto reduce the stress during this challenging experience.

In addition to funeral planning and thecoordination that is required on the day of the event, we can alsohelp with your needs after the funeral is over. If you are lookingfor grief support or answers to your questions, then you are welcometo contact us any time.

Personalized and Custom FuneralServices in the Area

If you want to honor the life of aloved one, then it doesn’t make sense to stick with a genericfuneral plan. Instead, consider the activities, songs, food, anddécor that will show respect for the person’s wishes andpreferences. These details go a long way to make it a memorable eventfor everyone in attendance.

Personalized funeral services can beused if you are looking for a traditional funeral plan with a fewunique details added to the day. Or, you can choose an alternativesolution of direct cremation with an informal memorial with friendsand family. We always respect your wishes and support your requestsat the same time.

These custom funeral services give youthe chance to pay tribute and show respect for your family member. Itis a healing experience for friends and family to attend the event.People need a time when they can say their goodbyes and connect withother members of the family. So, many grief experts suggest that anevent is held after death. But, that doesn’t mean that you need toplan a traditional funeral if it doesn’t match the wishes of yourfamily.

Traditions and Religious Customs

It is common for religious practices tobe included with the funeral event. Are there specific ceremonies orreligious traditions that you would like to include to honor the lifeof your loved one? Discuss these desires with our team so that we canprovide the support and facilities that are needed to match yourrequests.

These customs and traditions can beincluded at any step of the funeral process. For example, some peoplehave preferences for the program that is used for the funeral. Or,the prayers or ceremonies might be included during the gravesideservice or cremation. It’s up to you to choose the details of theday that will align with the preferences and needs of your family.

Available Funeral Facilities

You are always invited to visit ourfuneral home if you would like to view the facilities that areavailable. We have worked hard to offer a location that canaccommodate groups of every size. Smaller rooms can be used if youwould like an intimate gathering with a few close family members. Or,we can open the chapel and reception areas if you are planning tohave a large group in attendance.

Our funeral home is designed to exceedyour expectations in every way. We have redecorated the located andrenovated the layout in the best way to support the needs of ourcustomers. Convenient parking is offered in our expanded lot. You arealso welcome to use our coffee lounge if you need to sit down for amoment with a cup of coffee in hand.

Designing a Funeral Plan

Do you want to record your desires sothat your family knows your wishes after you are gone? Pre-planningis the perfect solution to consider so that you can reduce the burdenthat is left on your loved ones. You are welcome to use our onlinetool to find more information about pre-planning services that weoffer. Feel free to call our office if you have questions about theways that we can help with your future funeral plan.

Pre-planning helps to reduce the costsof the event. You can pay for the services in advance to avoid theincreasing costs due to inflation in the future. Also, you can leaveyour family with the gift of a simple funeral plan that is alreadycompleted at the time of death.

We also provide immediate need funeralservices in Waterford, NY. For more details, talk to us at McLoughlinand Mason Funeral Home. Visit our funeral home at 8 109th St., Troy,NY. 12182. Or call: (518) 235-1722

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